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A subsidiary of Holley Group, Hangzhou Houdar Automation System Co., Ltd. is a national new high-tech enterprise specialized in automation equipment. Focusing on the development of smart automation, information-based management, smart warehousing and flexible automatic logistics products, Houdar is committed to customizing “information-based and industrialized” automation system integrated solutions and building an internationally-advanced digital smart plant.

In terms of MES platform, automatic production line, stereoscopic warehouse, robot application and automatic inspection system, Houdar has made remarkable achievements. As a well-developed system integrator, manufacturer and operator, Houdar has provided technical plans, planning design, engineering project execution, production operation management service for dozens of companies including the State Grid Corporation of China and the China Southern Power Grid and other provincial power companies, medium and large-sized companies and public companies.

Upholding the corporate vision of “make Houdar automation equipment the essential for corporate production”, Houdar has been practicing the business tenet of “loyal to shareholders, kind to employees, kind to users and kind to society” and the values of “great virtue promotes growth; broad mind tolerates people”, striving to be one of the most trustworthy companies for employees, customers and society.

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