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  • Power Industry

    The power industry can be divided into power generation system and power supply system, and into four parts, power generation, power transmission, power supply and power usage. The power generation system is further segmented into cross-grid power plant, grid power plant, provincial power plant, house power plant and small hydropower station according to the power generation energy level and location of the power plant for uniform power supply to the power grid. The power supply system is managed level by level, and thus divided into state power company, grid bureau/independent provincial bureau, district and county level power company. There are some 280 district level and above power supply bureaus across China. In the pyramid structure, the superstratum has strict control over the substratum. Electricity is the product of power generation, which is generated, transmitted and distributed and used at the same time and can’t be stored.

  • Anhui Project

    Anhui Automatic Verification System for Single-phase Electricity Meter offers 60 single meter spaces and 44 verification lines. Working 5 shifts and 7 hours a day, the system can deliver a daily output of 13,200 meters and an annual output of 3,350,000 meters. As an internationally advanced fully automatic electricity meter verification system, the system has solved the low efficiency problem of how a large number of electricity meters are verified and stored conventionally.

  • Foshan Project

    Upon completion, Foshan Project has realized information-based automatic and lean management of warehousing, guided and standardized daily operation of warehousing personnel, improved warehouse management and integrated warehousing resources. The project has further enhanced warehousing space utilization, reduced operators’ dependency on experience, standardized operation procedure with operation instructional information system, reduced the labor intensity of operators, and improved warehousing flexibility.

  • Nanning Project

    Nanjing Project is the Measurement Center Smart Electricity Meter Warehouse of Nanning Power Company subordinated to China Southern Power Grid. It’s an advanced automatic stereoscopic warehouse with stereoscopic racks, rail-mounted laneway stackers, incoming/outgoing conveyor system, communication system, automatic control system, computer monitoring system, computer management system and auxiliary equipment like wire and cable tray cabinets, pass boxes and trays.

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