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  • Instrumentation Industry

    Under rapid development of information technology in the knowledge-based economy, instrumentation and measurement control technologies have been widely used, providing a great opportunity for the fast development of instrumentation industry. As the source and an integral part of information industry, instrumentation constitutes a key foundation of information technology. Internationally, information production industry is qualitatively defined as computer industry, communications industry and instrumentation industry.

  • Automatic Assembly System of Gas Meter

    With the increasingly high enterprise management standard of gas companies, metering is becoming standard. Meanwhile, the developing electronic control technology, automatic logistics technology and information processing technology have given automation technical support for the development of automatic assembly system of gas meter. The Automatic Assembly System of Gas Meter meets automatic assembly requirements and actual production demands in accordance with some processes requested by Goldcard High-tech Co., Ltd. In line with the idea of “Easy First, Original Form Equally Valued”, in the principle of “Manpower-saving First, Efficiency Foremost”, it’s the result of Houdar’s long-term development efforts in non-standard automatic system based on the features of gas meter, shifting tooling and production processes and the strengths of other similar automatic assembly systems.

  • Goldcard Gas Meter Project

    Applied to gas meter manufacturing industry, Houdar MES includes automatic feeding and gluing of aluminum housing and steel housing gas meters, multiple parts assembly and gas meter sealing, reading, screen and integrated function inspection management, and fully automatic encasement and delivery.

  • Automatic Assembly System of Gas Igniter

    Houdar has customized China’s first fully automatic assembly production line of igniter for our customer. Highly automatic and efficient, the system has reduced 15 workers per shift for our customer.

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